Refund Policy

Searsol offers a refund policy which is fair and equitable.

Upon purchase a Typehands licence with Searsol you are entering a legal agreement under common law, in which they agree to abide by the term of conditions of our website in exchange for the service offered by Searsol.
Please note, Searsol cannot be held liable for changes in your circumstances.
In a situation where a customer wishes to cancel or change their enrolment, and as a measure of goodwill, Searsol will allow the following options.

For a period of 14 days from enrolment, a full refund will be given if the customer notifies Searsol in writing. For this to apply, a letter must be received within the 14 day period, either by fax, email, mail or delivered in person.
The onus is on the customer to ensure and confirm that written notification of withdrawal is lodged.